The best way to start seems to be a phone call where we can find out a little about your student and share information about our approach, services and fees with you. From there we set up a time to meet for the Initial Phase.

Initial Phase

This is typically done in the fall or the summer before junior year.
This Phase includes two meetings with the student and his/her family. The first meeting is where we will explain our approach to the college admissions process and conduct a one-one-one interview with your student.
The second meeting, a few weeks later, is where we share the results of the analysis we do. We prepare and present academic profile, big picture profile and college profile for your student. We will also present a customized initial college list for your student of about 40 colleges that are potential targets, some a little on the reach side and some on the very likely or safety side.
From there we will explain in detail the services we can provide going forward.

Selection Phase

This begins after the Initial Phase during Junior year through July before senior year
This phase includes
SAT/ACT Prep recommendations
Refining College List (use Naviance & College Board)
Recommendations for Senior Courses
Assistance in planning winter & spring college visits and Advise on Best way to tour
Evaluation of standardized tests (SAT/ACT/Subject Test)
Discussing/Evaluating college tours
Refining College list using The Right School Graph
Determining potential college majors
Assistance in determining the best Teachers to ask for recommendations
Brainstorming college essay topics
Assistance in editing draft Main College Essay
Parent Meeting – Refine/finalize college list (application types EA, ED, RD, Rolling)

Application/Submission Phase

Decision Phase