The College Planner Seminars

We offer a variety of seminars throughout the year in one of two ways:

  • Individual Group Sessions. This is done for groups of (10) families or less upon request, at our home office. These sessions are much more intimate and less formal than the larger group described below and can include some level of customization of topics covered. The cost for this is a fixed fee of $500 which generally gets split by the attending families.
  • Community Group Sessions. These are larger venues done in a community room each year for groups of up to 50 parents at a cost of $75 per family.

Please contact us to schedule Individual Group Sessions or to inquire about dates for Community Group Sessions.

Seminar Topics 

Rising Freshman Seminars

The Rising Freshmen Seminar is geared toward parents (not students) and provides an overview for parents of 7th, 8th & 9th graders thinking about what’s ahead in terms of planning for college. It focuses on what to be concerned about, as well as, what not to be concerned about. The seminars run about two hours, including time for Q & A.

Special Education Seminars

We offer seminars that are geared for those students receiving special education services in middle school and high school, focusing on how they can best be prepared to transition to similar support and accommodations during college.

Career Planning Seminars

We are positioned to offer a variety of career planning seminars to assist undergraduate, graduate student, or university alumni in all areas of career planning and job search.