Take a few minutes to read what some of our clients have to say about us.

“Utilizing The College Planner, LLC for the college application process for both our kids was the best decision we could have made, and both our children got into their first choice of some highly competitive schools. Lynn is a wealth of information, has her pulse on the small nuances specific colleges may be looking for currently, and helps take any parent/child conflict about colleges off the table!  She goes step by step to help students identify the right colleges to apply to, thoroughly goes through choices such as Early Decision and Early Action, prepares students for college interviews, and helps students write and edit engaging college essays and resumes.  We would highly recommend The College Planner, LLC for all college-bound students and their families! .”  Erika & Rob S. Parents of Glastonbury High School students Classes of 2021 Tufts and 2023  Middlebury

“Our family is so appreciative of the time, effort, and guidance that you and your team at The College Planner, LLC. have provided to us over the past several years. This partnership has our daughter well positioned to attend Indiana University in the fall. The college application and selection process has evolved drastically in the last several decades and having someone “in the know” was invaluable. Most importantly, the overall process, structure and timeline was well articulated to us and our daughter. We understood your recommendations with clear action steps and deliverable dates. In summary, you broke a very time-consuming and arduous process down into manageable tasks that our daughter could own without our continual oversight. Teenage years can be tumultuous as it is and knowing that our daughter was accountable to you and to herself for completing these tasks, versus this being one more thing Mom and Dad were following up on was huge. Additionally, you helped coach our daughter to ensure that she had attainable goals throughout this process and that she was concentrating her efforts towards schools where she would be most successful. You asked provocative questions, gave her some “straight talk” and coached her to ultimately land at a school where she’s set up for success. We can’t thank you enough. Your services were well worth the investment.  Judy & Matt E. parents of GHS student Class of 2023, Indiana University, Dean’s Scholar Hamilton Lugar School for Global and International Studies.”   Judy & Matt E. parents  of Glastonbury High School student Class of 2023  Indiana University, Dean’s Scholar Hamilton Lugar School for Global and International Studies 

“We have worked with Lynn for both of our daughters. She is absolutely wonderful.  She kept them on track with every aspect of the college process – from figuring out where to apply to handling every last detail of the application process. She was so organized and as a parent, I always knew exactly where we were in the process and was confident that every deadline would be met. My daughters both loved working with Lynn and felt that she really listened to them and respected their decisions.  I can’t say enough about how invaluable Lynn was and highly recommend her to anyone starting this very daunting process of college admissions.”  Robin & Jeff W. Parents of Glastonbury High School students Classes of 2022 and 2019 Tulane University and Wake Forest University

“The College Planner LLC is an amazing resource, and we would highly recommend Lynn and her team’s services. She helped our family navigate the daunting college application process for both of our sons and displayed infinite patience and immeasurable kindness. Lynn created a very warm, supportive vibe as she kept our sons organized and on task during the lengthy and tedious process. Her insightful advice, excellent communication, and ability to connect with students is invaluable. She took the time to get to know our sons and provided helpful insights at every twist and turn. Lynn is timely, responsive, knowledgeable, and insightful. We highly recommend The College Planner LLC and are forever grateful for the assistance they provided our family.” Marchea & Bill C., Parents of Glastonbury HS Class of 2022 & 2020, Clemson University

“Lynn helped our son to stay on track throughout the entire application process. Teenagers don’t always want to listen to their parents advice, but she provided a voice of reason that he needed to guide him through the process. She was very professional and caring, and gave our son great advice. Thanks to her, he got into the college of his dreams.” Melissa M., Parent Glastonbury HS Class of 2022, Boston College

“Mrs. Pulito has truly eased a lot of the stress from the college process. Her methods allowed me to stay organized and on top of deadlines, without feeling overwhelmed. I was unsure of what I wanted going into my junior year, but she helped me realize what type of school I could see myself at. When it came to filling out applications, she kept me on a tight schedule that allowed me to finish everything on time, while simultaneously enjoying my senior year. She provided great tips that enhanced my applications which improved my application. She has extensive knowledge about the process, and helped me end up exactly where I wanted to be.” Student Glastonbury High School Class of 2022, Boston College

“Lynn was an invaluable resource for our family as we started, navigated and finalized the college search, application and selection process. She was so well organized and so knowledgeable that we were able to support our daughter as she walked through the steps with Lynn.  We were informed at every turn but our daughter was at the center of the process and Lynn took the time to really get to know her and understand the path she was creating for the next four years.  We would highly recommend Lynn! “ Molly D., Parent Glastonbury HS Class of 2022, University of New Hampshire

“Lynn’s approach of supporting high school students in managing the application process as well as drawing out student’s interests and goals is invaluable to both the student and family.  This is the second time we worked with Lynn and, just like the first time with my daughter, she was able to quickly connect with my son.  We didn’t have to nag him to write essays or complete his applications because we knew Lynn was keeping him on track.  He finished up in October so he could enjoy his senior year and ended up getting into his first choice school.  I would highly recommend The College Planner LLC!” Elizabeth & Steinar R., parents of Glastonbury High School student Class of 2022,  Northeastern University

“Our family cannot be any happier with our choice to work with Lynn and the College Planner team to assist us through the college application process. It had been decades since I’d gone through it myself, and I had no idea what to expect for my daughter. However, I knew enough to know that we needed help from beginning to end! Right from the start, Lynn was highly organized and had a plan to help us figure everything out — from the size of school, to the type of school, to the location of the school. She took the time to get to know our family and my daughter and really understood the things that were important to all of us. Through the application phase, she helped my daughter stay on track, meet her deadlines and edit her essays. The communication between my daughter and Lynn (and separately between Lynn and me) really helped to eliminate so much of the stress that would have otherwise existed. And, once the decisions started coming in, she helped us to look at her options objectively and select the school that was the best fit. My daughter was lucky enough to be accepted into all of her top choices and will be looking forward to starting at the University of Alabama in August.  ”  Amy L., parent of Northwest Catholic High School student Class of 2022,  University of Alabama

“We decided late in the game that we needed guidance and support to navigate the daunting Applying to College experience.  Others in town recommended Lynn Pulito, The College Planner, as an experienced guide through this process.  She takes her clients through each step with patience and expertise.   Her gift is she maintains your child’s focus from generating a school wish list-writing the college essays- completing the Common Application- and finally College acceptance.  It is a long journey with twists and turns! Thank you Lynn for partnering with us on this journey.  Our daughter has been accepted to her top choice school and the future is bright!”  Jill M., parent of Glastonbury High School student Class of 2022, George Washington University

“We are very grateful for the support Gabrielle and Lynn have provided to our son and our family during the college application process. Gabrielle has been very patient and well organized to guide us through the different steps. She held in-person and zoom meetings with our son and sometimes with us to provide reminders and instructions. Both Gabrielle and Lynn have been very responsive to our questions and requests. Without their help, we would not have been able to successfully navigate the process with ease. We are highly satisfied and would recommend The College Planner, LLC to other families who need the support.” Yuheng & Nini L., East Lyme High School  Penn State, Altoona Branch 

“Utilizing Lynn’s college counseling service was one of the best decisions we have made as parents!!  Lynn is a wonderful counselor who takes the time to get to know your child, provides targeted and accurate recommendations based on both academics and student personalities, and provides the structure to make sure that the college application process goes smoothly.  She is very organized, conscientious, and naturally helps to diffuse what could otherwise be a stressful time between parent and child.  Lynn is right there rooting your applicant on with you, delights in their successes, and provides a great perspective on any difficult college decisions.  We will be using Lynn with our daughter, and would not think of going through a college application process without her!”  Rob & Erika, parents of Glastonbury High School student Class of 2021, Tufts University

“Lynn Pulito, The College Planner, LLC, helped us tremendously through our son’s college search and application process.  She was so patient and really took the time to listen to our son, getting to know him and working with him to narrow down schools that would be a great fit for him.  She helped from beginning to end, from exploring schools he liked but knew nothing about, to deciding what schools to apply to, to keeping his application preparation on track and on schedule, to getting the applications out the door.  Lynn was invaluable in helping him with difficult early decision considerations and the advantages and disadvantages that come with that decision.  Her guidance, objective opinions and responsiveness in answering sometimes off the wall questions, as well as reacting to constantly changing opinions, were truly invaluable.  She always put our minds at ease and made a stressful process organized and thoughtful.  Lynn’s knowledge is expansive but anything she did not know she immediately and thoroughly researched and came back to us quickly with answers and helpful insights.  Her guidance and patience resulted in an acceptance to our son’s number one choice.  We could not be happier!   Katie M., parent of Glastonbury High School student Class of 2021, Villanova University

“We used The College Planner, LLC from the very beginning of the college search for our oldest daughter. We couldn’t have been happier with Lynn’s attention to every detail, as well as her keen sense of what might suit our daughter once she became acquainted with her. Lynn was there every step of the way, and she was always available to answer any questions that came up, which happened often. It was great that she created a structure for our daughter that moved her through the application process where we would have struggled to do so ourselves. She was very organized and methodical, and kept us appraised of our daughter’s progress at every step. We look forward to using Lynn again when our younger children are ready to start their college search.” Rich & Monica K, parents of Glastonbury High School student Class of 2021, Skidmore College

“We have had the pleasure to work with Lynn Pulito at The College Planner LLC for both of my children.  Her commitment and dedication to finding the right college/university for my children was a huge help.  She made the college planning process stress free!  We could not have done it without her help and would highly recommend Lynn for your college planning needs.”  Anna & Bill C., parents of Glastonbury High School student Class of 2021, The College of the Holy Cross

“I would highly recommend Lynn Pulito/The College Planner to assist with the college application process. Lynn is very organized, understanding, patient, and thoughtful.  She formulated a comprehensive list of possible schools and worked with Catherine to narrow the list to meet her needs and goals. She was integral in helping Catherine create a sports resume to highlight Catherine’s athletic accomplishments.  What was most impressive was Lynn’s responsiveness. She promptly addressed all requests for help (even last minute and “after” hour) with resume revisions, interview prep, essay wording, and both specific and general guidance. The biggest advantage of working with Lynn is that she took the pressure off me to manage the process with Catherine. She held Catherine to deadlines, helped her complete the common app, scheduled and reviewed first and subsequent drafts of the main and supplemental essays, and finalized all applications. With Lynn’s guidance, Catherine was admitted early decision to her # 1 school.” Patricia D., Mom of KO Student Class of 2021, Connecticut College

“It has been a pleasure working with Mrs. Pulito over the past two years. I was completely lost at the beginning of the college process, and I was too busy with school work and testing to concentrate on this important part of my future. Mrs. Pulito took much of stress out of my college search by researching schools for me, helping me fill out my applications properly, working around my busy schedule, and keeping me motivated when I felt stressed or discouraged. I highly recommend Mrs. Pulito to anyone looking for guidance in this difficult process at every step along the way.”  Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, Brown University

“Working with Lynn Pulito takes the guess work out of the college search and application process. Junior year for high school students and their families is a stressful time for many reasons. One of the biggest and likely most important is the process of college selection.  Having the opportunity to work with Lynn for both of our children was a blessing.  Lynn’s organized process and procedures allows for a smoother flow for the task at hand.  She has information regarding many institutions, collected data regarding high school students test scores and acceptance percentages for recent high school students into colleges, along with other important information. There are many unanswered questions that she has the answers for and presents information that we would not have known to consider.  The services provided are well worth the investment. “ Deborah & Carmine E., Parents Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, Brown University

“As a veteran high school principal, I always assumed I would be the one to help my daughter navigate the college search and application process.  That would have been a huge mistake!  Having watched even my best students and dedicated parents over the years struggle through this complex, high-stakes process, I decided to find an expert when my daughter became a junior.  Having interviewed several, I knew Lynn Pulito was the right choice from our first conversation. I can’t count the number of times since that my family has remarked how glad we are that Lynn was in our corner!  

Lynn is highly knowledgeable, experienced and truly dedicated to the students she serves.  She supports both students and parents through all aspects of the college search process.  Lynn took the time to truly know my daughter, understand her interests and personality as well as her profile as a student.  She managed the long lists of required tasks with her, which completely eliminated any conflict at home about it.  When all the applications were in, Lynn waited confidently with us, as we anxiously awaited acceptance letters.  When my daughter got into the college of her choice, Lynn truly celebrated with us.  Choosing her to help us was honestly one of the best decisions we have ever made in Katie’s education – and somewhere along the way, she became a friend.”  Donna H. Mother of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, Providence College

“Working with Lynn Pulito helped me so much with the college search.  She eliminated the stress of the process by breaking down the giant task into manageable chunks.  I was consistently impressed by how much she knew about individual colleges and she was able to share several student perspectives with me from past clients she had helped.   She instinctively knew which colleges of interest would be the best fit for me and I’m certain I would have missed a deadline if she wasn’t on top of everything for me.  I would highly recommend Mrs. Pulito to any high school student who gets stressed easily or could benefit from her superhuman organizational guidance.”  Student, Glastonbury HS Class of 2020, Providence College

“I honestly don’t know where I would be without the help of Gabrielle Pulito at The College Planner, LLC over the past two years. At the beginning of my college application experience I was so overwhelmed. Gabrielle stayed by my side and helped me step by step through the entire process. The once stressful college application experience became something that I looked forward to completing. As an athlete Gabrielle helped me navigate through the many challenging decisions that I had to make while considering where I wanted to attend school and play a sport. To me, Gabrielle was more than a college advisor, she was my friend, someone who I could trust and look to for guidance. That being said I highly recommend Gabrielle Pulito to all those looking for assistance while going through the college application process.” Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020 (Division One Athlete)  Bryant University

“I highly recommend Lynn Pulito for college counseling! From our first conversation to our last celebration, Lynn has supported our son and our family every step of the way. We were new to the current college application process, and Lynn made everything very clear and easy to follow, Including the use of common applications and other online platforms. We were exceptionally pleased with how well she communicated with our son. He enjoyed speaking with her and was very comfortable in talking about difficult decisions and future plans. One of the main reasons we decided to use a college counselor was to help in the communication process between us and our child. And Lynn did this beautifully! She is always there to answer any questions and help, and she is very prompt in replying. Lynn’s expertise and broad knowledge of a huge range of different types of colleges and institutions was invaluable. We were absolutely delighted with how well the process went and Nathaniel was accepted at his top choices. Lynn’s guidance was essential to determine an appropriate list. We couldn’t be more satisfied and pleased and we would recommend Lynn to anyone going through the college application process.” Abbie & Matt B., Parents of GHS Student Class of 2020, Bates College

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Lynn Pulito! Her expertise is invaluable in a process that seems daunting as it has changed so much over the last few decades. After the first meeting, we knew Lynn was a great match for our family. We were immediately impressed with her vast knowledge and organization. Her thoughtful process kept us informed, engaged and confident that deadlines would be met. Lynn adapted her guidance to suit each of our girls’ personalities. She tuned-in to their different styles of communication/strengths and made us all feel so comfortable reaching out with questions, or anything we felt needed further discussion. Our girls looked forward to their meetings with Lynn, and appreciated the weekly “to-do” lists to stay on top of their deadlines. Lynn paid attention to every detail in the process – details I am certain we would have overlooked. She answered questions we didn’t even know we had, she is that thorough! Our entire experience was a positive, rewarding one – one that our girls will carry through the rest of their educational journeys. Choosing the right college is a monumental task, and once the decision is made, a huge monetary responsibility. Lynn Pulito and her services through “The College Planner, LLC” are worth the investment to ensure that decision is not only an educated one, but the best fit possible. We are forever grateful for Lynn and her guidance through the college application/decision process – couldn’t have done it without her!” Tori & Mike B.,  Parents Glastonbury HS Students Classes of 2019 and 2020, University of Vermont and University of Connecticut

“Having our daughter work with Lynn Pulito, Owner of The College Planner, LLC., was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Lynn’s expertise in working with high school students and getting to the core of who they are and what they need/are looking for in the next phase of their educational career is priceless. As parents, we felt informed and engaged, but most importantly, our daughter appreciated the time Lynn took to guide her through each phase of the college search and application process with patience and ease. With the well thought out meeting schedule and to do lists, our daughter didn’t feel the stress that most students feel about college applications because she was prepared and supported by Lynn from the first moment they met. During their time together, Lynn worked with our daughter to put together the application that highlighted her strengths and skills and, as a result, she was accepted to all 8 of the colleges she applied to! We are grateful to Lynn and the wonderful service she provides to her clients.” Nicole M. Mother of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, University of Tennessee

“My husband Tom and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for all of your guidance and expertise throughout this past year with guiding us along this college journey with our daughter Maddie! I cannot believe we started this process over a year ago!  Since Maddie was our first child attending college, we had so many questions about the process, from the timing of when to begin the search process, visiting the schools, narrowing down the search, applying, the essay, etc.  We couldn’t have done any of it without your guidance! What I love about our experience with you and the College Planner, LLC,  is not only your knowledge and professionalism throughout the whole process, but your personal approach and how you take so much time and effort to learn about the student during this process to make sure that the school that they select is somewhere where they can truly see themselves fitting in on the campus and living for the next four years at that particular school. That personal element is as important as fitting into a school academically. You always were available to talk or answer any questions and were always quick in your response to get back to us. Looking forward to continuing to work with you with our son and his journey over this next year!!” Pam & Tom M., Parents Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, University of Connecticut

“I would recommend Lynn because she is a caring and helpful person who makes your goals possible. In the beginning of my process with her, I was scared and hesitant on going to college, even looking or thinking about it.  I also didn’t know what I wanted. But overtime, she helped me evolve into a better person who wasn’t afraid to get out there. I am very thankful that Lynn was a part of this journey with me to not only find my dream college, but also to find myself. “ Student Glastonbury HS Class of 2020, Salve Regina

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Lynn. She made the college process so easy for us from helping us find what school would be the best fit for our daughter to seeing her through the application process. It was the best money I have spent & worth every penny. I have a younger daughter & I already told Lynn to save me a spot.  She truly understands the process & makes both parents & teens comfortable. I would highly recommend anyone starting this process to hire her.” Sandy C. Mother of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, Salve Regina

“Working with Lynn helped to make the college selection process go extremely smooth.  Lynn kept us organized and on track to complete tasks easily.  She is well informed and was able to provide us with the knowledge and support we needed to make the best decisions.  I would highly recommend Lynn for your college planning.  My daughter was very comfortable meeting with Lynn. The scheduled meetings were very accommodating to our busy schedules and she is also and easy phone call or text away.” Dana H. Mother of Glastonbury HS Class of 2020, University of Rhode Island

“Working with Mrs. Pulito made the college application process so much easier. With her help, I was able to keep organized and get a lot done over the summer. I was very prepared for and comfortable during my college interviews after practicing mock interviews with her.  She also helped me put together a great resume that allowed me to present myself to colleges in the best light possible.  I would highly recommend her to any high school student looking for help with the college process!”  Student Glastonbury HS Class of 2020, Skidmore College

“We are very happy with our decision to use Lynn to help with our daughter’s college application process.   Applying to college can be daunting and stressful on both the student and parents.  Lynn’s approach is well thought out and breaks down each task so they are more manageable and attainable.  In addition, through her years of experience, her invaluable knowledge provided us with peace of mind for all the decisions we needed to make throughout the process.  She connected right away with my daughter and made her feel comfortable while also holding her accountable by providing her with weekly “assignments”.  Without Lynn, I don’t think her essays would have been completed over the summer and I don’t think she would have been as prepared for her college interviews.  Her applications were all submitted early in the fall which significantly reduced anxiety and made the late fall and winter of her senior year more enjoyable.  Lynn helped my daughter find a perfect fit school. Her program is well worth the investment!”  Elizabeth R., Mother Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, Skidmore College

“The college process reminded me of Goldilocks looking for the “just right” porridge. I was able to find the college that was just right for me with Mrs. P’s guidance. She took the time to get to know me and my interests. Mrs. P. not only helped me create a list of potential colleges, but she also helped me narrow down my list. This process ultimately led me to my first-choice school which I will be attending in the fall.”  Student Glastonbury HS Class of 2020, The College of the Holy Cross

“Lynn has a warm manner that easily resonates with parents and students and quickly makes her a trusted advisor. She has extensive knowledge about colleges and their admissions process.  Lynn provided us with insightful information and helped us navigate the college search by breaking it down into phases and making it more manageable. She took the time to get to know our son and was able to recommend schools that would be the best fit for him. Lynn helped our son build upon his strengths to develop a strong resume, gave him good suggestions when editing his essays, prepared him for interviews and helped him stay organized and on top of all deadlines. Lynn’s guidance and strong support during such a critical time in high school helped our son make informed choices when he was applying to colleges and made the entire college process stress-free. Our next son is a freshman and we look forward to beginning the process all over again with Lynn in the near future.”  Jenifer A., Mother of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2020, The College of the Holy Cross

“Lynn’s experience, insights and structured approach to the college application process for my son was invaluable. She formed a strong relationship with him, guiding him and us as a family through a thoughtful framework. The college process has changed significantly since my husband and I attended our undergraduate/graduate programs.

As we started the college touring adventure with our son it was clear that things had definitely changed, and it was a bit overwhelming just getting up to speed with the process and due dates, never mind understanding the strategy of early action, early decision (I and II) or regular admissions. How did applying to college get so complicated we thought to ourselves. You always want the best for your children and want to guide them well especially in their college application journey. When our good friends recommended Lynn based on the work she had done with another family friend, I felt like it was a good idea to at least inquire about her services. Once we met Lynn, I knew right away that is was the best to engage her in our son’s journey.

I can tell you without any doubt that Lynn’s approach and style helped our son explore the right colleges and universities and led to a successful outcome with his acceptance into multiple colleges of his choice. Her partnership and true openness to all our questions and follow-ups, were met with such professionalism. More importantly though, I knew through her meetings with him, that she truly got to understand his goals and views and made this very stressful process extremely manageable. Our is now in his freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania. He is in a challenging academic environment and loving every minute of the exploration and growth there. I can’t thank Lynn enough and would highly recommend her. In fact, we are continuing to use her services for our daughter who is a junior at Glastonbury High School and know she will have a positive impact on her journey as well. Betty & Doug D., Parents of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2019, University of Pennsylvania

“We have now had the pleasure of working with Lynn Pulito through the college application process with two of our daughters. Lynn is incredibly organized, and presents a thoughtful approach to meeting each student where they are. As she gets to know each child, she develops a real understanding of them – personality, goals, strengths, and challenges included. She certainly involves parents in the process, but develops a partnership with the student; through regular meetings and checking in Lynn is able to get a lot accomplished before the fall-of-senior-year-rush that makes the application process so stressful. Lynn knows what colleges are looking for, and she has come to know many colleges across the country very well. It is not only about the academic requirements, but campus life, student opportunities and the culture at each school that matters when seeking a “good fit” for a prospective student. Our two daughters have very different personalities, and each developed their own strong bond and friendship with Lynn. They trusted her completely, and so did we. Lynn is the most genuine of people, caring deeply about the value of her work and the critical nature of its timing in a child’s life. She helps build independence, and fosters both responsibility and pride in the process of applying to college. Most importantly, Lynn serves as someone who manages through the stress so that students and their parents can make the most of junior and senior year! I highly recommend Lynn Pulito as a valuable resource, trusted partner and effective guide.” Jenifer C., Parent of Mercy High School Student Class of 2019, Colby College

“I can honestly say that without the help of Mrs. Pulito I would not be accepted to my top college, Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Every step of the way Mrs. Pulito was there to lay out a plan for my application process, and hold my hand when I needed it.  Her attention to detail was quite helpful to me, and as a fellow detail-oriented person I really appreciated how organized her process was. I had two older sisters go through the college admissions process before me, so one would think my parents and I would have had it under control. However, so many factors in the college admissions process changes each year, and we found it was challenging to manage it all on our own. Mrs. Pulito’s vast and current knowledge on admissions statistics, as well as her informed opinion and ability to guide everything from essay-writing to interviewing all proved essential to my application experience. I am so thankful and blessed to have had such an amazing person guiding my college journey. Anyone considering utilizing her services should know, without a doubt, that she will be worth it!”  Mercy High School Student Class of 2019, Colby College

“We hired The College Planner from the recommendation of friends who had utilized Lynn’s services to help guide their family through the college planning process. We were very pleased with all the guidance, understanding and support that Lynn had throughout the entire process. Choosing colleges and navigating the complexities of the various applications along with stricter school requirements can be a daunting task in a busy household. Having someone like Lynn walk you through the stages involved and hold your child accountable for meeting certain milestones was extremely helpful and very much needed. She meets initially with the student and the family to set up long range goals and strategies while providing actionable items as to not overwhelm the student. As the timeline progresses, then she switches her focus to working directly with the student on a weekly basis making sure applications are filled out properly and deadlines are met. On top of all that, she provides weekly progress notes to the parents so they are kept in the loop every step of the way. And, she is always accessible by phone and email for questions that arise and believe me, you will have questions. I would highly recommend using Lynn but I don’t want to say too many good things because I want to make sure she is available to work with my son in a few years. Thank you again Lynn for all of your help!” Michelle K., Parent of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2019, Boston University

“We feel so fortunate to have worked with Lynn for the college process for our oldest daughter and already have hired her for our younger two daughters. She made the daunting, complicated process of college admissions streamlined and organized. She has a calm, kind manner and works well with both teens and adults. She was able to put us all at ease, provide excellent guidance and was always straightforward in her views. Her attention to detail and organized approach was appreciated. After every session with our daughter, we were sent a summary of the session and the “to do” list for our daughter and for us which was extremely helpful. She was always available to answer our questions. We can’t imagine having gone through this process without herBarbara &  David E., Parents of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2019, George Washington University

“Mrs. Pulito’s guidance made the daunting process of college applications, essays, and interviews less stressful. She made it easy to follow a plan and I felt very prepared for all the tasks I had to accomplish. She understood my busy schedule as a high school senior and was always available to answer questions” Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2019, George Washington University

“We would highly recommend Lynn Pulito as a college planner to anyone who wants to create ease in what can be a very overwhelming process! We are beyond grateful for all of the assistance and guidance she provided during each and every phase, from college selection, testing, college visits and interviews, essay writing and getting recommendations, and especially the application phase! She keeps the kids focused and on task and saves the parents from a lot of headaches! We were so happy with her services for our oldest son, that we are in the middle of working with her again with our middle son!” Parent of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2019, Villanova University

“If you are looking for guidance and help when going through the college planning process, I highly recommend Lynn Pulito! Much of the stress with the process is the unknown: How to start? How to pick the best list of colleges for your child? What questions to ask? How to go about the process of learning about the schools? When to visit schools? How to narrow down their college selection? The questions go on….With Lynn’s tools, knowledge, connections and professionalism, she helps make the process go smoothly and without stress (no kidding). She takes the time to get to know the parents and the child, however, it’s clear her primary customer is your child.  She works closely with them and sets expectations for them with realistic timelines. Whether your child knows exactly where they want to go or they don’t have a clue, Lynn works with them and their individual personalities to guide them to make the ultimate decision. Picking a college has gotten to be quite the process. Working with Lynn, helps to simplify, organize and make that final decision.” Parent of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2019, The College of the Holy Cross

“Lynn’s guidance through the college process was invaluable for our family. She gets to know the student, both as an individual and within the context of their family, and then breaks down an overwhelming process into manageable phases with detailed information. Lynn’s calm, task-oriented approach helped our son stay on track with college application milestones (testing, college visits, essay writing, and application deadlines), and provided us, as parents, with a reassuring sounding board. We especially appreciated the weekly meetings she had with our son and the updates from the meetings that she shared with us. We relied upon those updates to frame our conversations with our son about his next steps for the coming week, which is never easy to do with a stressed-out senior who thinks his parents don’t have a clue! Lynn’s expertise, professionalism, and emotional support is worth every penny!” Parents of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2018, Tufts University

“We retained Lynn’s college planning services again for our younger son and had an equally successful result.  Lynn’s superior communication and organization skills, combined with her knowledge and familiarity with numerous colleges and programs, made for another wonderful experience.  Her devotion, passion, and integrity are unsurpassed, and we were so thrilled to have been able to work with her again”  Mom of Glastonbury High School Student Class of 2018, Fordham University

“Working with Mrs. Pulito was a phenomenal experience from beginning to end. She guided me through every step of the college search and selection process with tremendous grace and attention to detail. She made what is normally considered a very stressful process a smooth and enjoyable one. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find a college planner who can connect with students and work with them to find a school that is the right fit.” Glastonbury High School Student Class of 2018, Fordham University

“We are so excited with the outcome our son had after working with Lynn at The College Planner, LLC.  From the first day that we met Lynn we knew we were in good hands.  As new parents to the college process (SAT, ACT, application process, college sports potential and what that involved, essays, common application) we needed someone who could assist with all of that and so much more. Lynn exceeded our expectations! Her knowledge of the college and application process was so beneficial.  She listened to our son’s likes and dislikes and guided him with a list of suggested colleges that met the criteria for schools in the safety, target and reach categories. Creating a specific list that all would be great fits for our son.

We are so thankful to Lynn for keeping our son on course to apply early decision and early action.  Having her there to keep track of the deadlines, fill out the college applications, common application, review the essays and ultimately submit it all with our son was the ultimate stress reliever!!  We will miss having Lynn in our day to day lives.  We would love to be on her list for future references.   Thanks again!”  Parents Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2018, The College of William & Mary

“I had just begun thinking about hiring a college planner in the winter of my son’s junior year when I was out with some business associates and I asked if any in the group had done it. Two people chimed in immediately, and both talked about Lynn. As our family’s main breadwinner, I was pre-sold on the concept of leveraging the skills of a planner because I knew I would not have the ability to focus the necessary energy on the process, and I also worried that if I tried, my efforts to keep things on track would drive a wedge between us all and create tensions at home that none of us needed. However, neither my son nor my husband (both of whom have ADHD) were convinced.  

I pursued it anyway, and I am SO HAPPY I did. I reached out to Lynn and I knew instantly she would be a great choice. Her responsiveness was impressive, and the list of her qualities only grew over the time we worked with her. She really engaged with my son and took the time to truly get to know him. She was able to narrow down some absolutely excellent recommendations for schools he should apply to, and when he later said he thought he might want to go south, she didn’t miss a beat or disappoint. She worked with him throughout the summer to keep him focused on developing and finalizing an essay that truly reflected who he is, and with her support and structure, he had his applications in by early October – no sweat at all (and this for a kid with ADHD!) By then, my husband and son were transformed into Lynn-vangelists! 

Ultimately, it was a school in NC that stole the hearts (and minds) of the entire family. Our son knocked on our bedroom door at 12:01 a.m. on a Friday morning in December to share the great news that he’d been accepted, and I cried tears of joy. Lynn had nearly everything to do with his success and a triumph over what would have otherwise been a completely overwhelming process. I seriously cannot recommend her highly enough!!!” Parent Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2018, UNC Asheville

“There are so many variables in choosing which colleges to apply to. As a parent, there is such anxiety around the questions—what if my child doesn’t get in anywhere? What if he/she applies to the wrong schools? Lynn thoroughly understands both the important variables (size, location, majors, etc) and the anxieties.  She helps the student to understand him or herself, as the necessary first step in determining what is the “right” school. She goes way beyond looking at the student’s statistics —GPA and SAT scores—and helps the family determine where the student will happily thrive. From there, Lynn keeps the student on track, knows what preparation needs to be done and when the deadlines are. She ensures that the student is ready and tasks are completed on time. Most importantly, she does this in such a way that the college selection and application process is as stress- and conflict- free as it can be!”  Parents Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2018, Colby College

“We highly recommend Lynn Pulito as a college counselor.  She has extensive knowledge in all areas of the college process and knows exactly what colleges are looking for in terms of grades, extracurriculars and essays.  She was thorough and organized in guiding our son through each step and helped to weed out what was important and what was not.  Lynn also really took the time to get to know our son by interviewing him and having regular conversations with him.  Because of this, she was able to help our son choose colleges that were a good fit for him academically, socially and even geographically. Our son applied Early Decision and got into his top choice college and we thank Lynn for helping to make it happen!” Parents Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2018, Davidson College

“The whole process of choosing and applying to colleges can be stressful and complicated. With Mrs. Pulito’s help it was easy and stress free. Mrs. Pulito helped me through every step of the application process. She helped me with my essay and prepared me for a college interview. Without her, I would not have known what to expect or what colleges look for in an essay. Being the oldest child, I did not know much about the college application process, but I’m glad to have had Mrs. Pulito to guide me through the entire process.” Student Glastonbury HS Class of 2018, College of the Holy Cross

“Working with Lynn Pulito has been an extremely positive experience. We cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and dedication in helping our daughter through the college application process. I don’t think we could have done it without her help.” Parent of  Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2018, College of the Holy Cross

“Working with Mrs. Pulito was everything I could’ve hoped for and more.  It made the college process nearly seamless.  The meetings weren’t tainted by biased opinions and were always comfortable and open.   Not only am I confident in my college decision but I also feel confident in the decision to use Mrs. Pulito.  She is full of knowledge about schools and has the experience of helping all different kinds of kids make the same decision.  She is kind, honest, helpful, patient and never hesitates to go the extra mile for her students.  I never thought I would enjoy making such an ominous decision, but it actually started to get fun. Thank you, Mrs. Pulito!”  Student Kingswood Oxford, Class of 2017, Lehigh University

“I thought Mrs. P. was very helpful as a college planner; she encouraged me to get in all my applications early without putting too much pressure on me.  She was very understanding if I didn’t have an essay done when planned. I definitely benefited from the weekly updates informing me on the tasks I needed to complete.  By having a college planner, I was more motivated to get my essays done before the last minute, and I ended up having all my college apps submitted before most seniors which was a great feeling. Thank you so much for all your help, the process would have been much more stressful and difficult without you!  I would love to be a reference for students going through the same process.”  Glastonbury HS Student, Class of 2017, University of Texas, Austin

“The college process is not an easy time if you approach it alone. Working with Mrs. Pulito made the whole process much easier. A list of potential schools was put together and was narrowed until there was only a few schools left in consideration.  Through the careful guidance from The College Planner, my college process was straightforward and expedited.”  Glastonbury HS Student, Class of 2017, UConn

“We are incredibly happy that Lynn was referred to us during the Fall of our son’s junior year! Lynn is super organized and methodical. Her plan allowed our son to maintain an even pace with everything he needed to get done, which was so helpful in avoiding a crazy push at the end! Lynn also kept things in perspective. We appreciated her knowledge as a professional, but almost more as a mom who has been through the college selection process! Lynn was always available with great advice and encouraging words. We look forward to working with Lynn at The College Planner when it’s time for our daughter.”  Mom of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2017, UConn

“Thank you again for all your support and guidance in Mike’s college process. Your knowledge, insight, and planning process is invaluable! I was so impressed about your knowledge of the schools and your willingness to learn about schools that you were not as familiar with. You made the college process completely stress free for all of us! You held Mike accountable for the college application process and he agrees he could not have done it without you! He was so proud to complete his essays and applications before the start of football, and was not stressed like so many of his friends.” Mother of Glastonbury HS student Class of 2017, Purdue University

“Lynn guided all of us through the process while still allowing for us, as his parents, to be as involved as we wanted and could be.  Our son is very motivated and independent, but we were still active in reviewing, editing and assisting with his essays and all aspects and stages of his applications, but having Lynn’s expertise, guidance, organization and deadline tracking and management with and for my son were key.  Lynn is very pleasant and calming to work with, both from a parental standpoint and from our son’s, and she acted as an additional sounding board for all of us.  Our son developed a trusting relationship with Lynn as a college adviser, and we think he “heard” and considered her words more at times, perhaps because she is not one of his parents.  Lastly, we had a family emergency which took much of our time and attention away from everything, including this process, so knowing we had Lynn was a source of great comfort to all of us.  Lynn was an essential resource during the college application process, from start to finish! As an aside, our son has been accepted to his top choice school, which is by far the best fit for him – our ultimate goal!” Parents of Kingswood Oxford student Class of 2017, Lehigh University

“I do not know how I could have come out of the college process feeling so happy and prepared for what was to come without Mrs. P’s help. The weekly meetings and email updates kept me constantly on track and helped me get in all my applications early. I could tell Mrs. P had a strong knowledge of the process and was best suited to aid me during this long and stressful time. Thanks to Mrs. P I came out with a variety of great options; I’ve decided to attend Marist, could not be happier with my decision!”  Xavier High School Senior Class of 2016, Marist College

“As a student, Mrs. P was very easy to talk to and was very helpful with time management. She helped keep me on track with my applications and essays without applying to much pressure.” Senior, Glastonbury HS Class of 2016, Bentley University

“Being new to the college search, Lynn helped make sense of a very complicated process. It was such a relief to have someone so knowledgeable on our side. By working directly with our daughter on the application and essay, she took a tremendous amount of stress away from our family. We will be calling her again in a few years to help with our son.”  Parents of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2016, Bentley University

“Choosing Lynn to support my son through the college process was priceless. Lynn is extremely professional and her knowledge of SAT prep and the college application process was an incredible resource. Being a busy working mom, I knew that I did not have the time to dedicate to this process that was necessary. Lynn’s organization was impeccable. She kept me informed each week of what my son’s responsibilities were and anything that I needed to do; that communication kept us organized and on track to meet each deadline.  In addition, whenever I had a question or was looking for additional information Lynn was always available to help. The best part of this process was how much my son enjoyed working with “Mrs. P.”.  Senior year can be a stressful time and she helped to make this process enjoyable and successful for him.”  Mom of Xavier High School Senior Class of 2016, Marist College

“Our experience of working with Lynn Pulito – The College Planner, was great! A students Junior and Senior years of High School are very important planning years and can be very stressful not only for the student, but also their parents. Lynn helped us with her knowledge and expertise in the research process, the application process, writing process, and acceptances. The approach that Lynn used with our daughter put our daughter in the driver’s seat while keeping us informed. Lynn has a very organized process and she keeps the client organized and on schedule.  While all of this is happening, our home was peaceful. The lack of communication that can happen was eliminated; the nagging to complete things for this process was eliminated. We would recommend Lynn and her services.”  Mom of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2016, New York University (NYU)

“Lynn did an exceptional job helping my son navigate through the college process.  He was instantly comfortable with her at their initial meeting, and her professional, yet caring and calm manner was evident each time they met.  Lynn really “got” him and what his goals and aspirations were. Her college spreadsheet was a tremendous aid in the selection process and allowed him to selectively choose where he would apply.  She offered suggestions for SAT prep and was very knowledgeable about the SAT process, scoring, and reporting.  Once it was time to apply, Lynn kept my son on task and was supremely organized.  By meeting on a weekly basis, the summer before senior year, all nine of his college applications were completed, with plenty of time to enjoy school sports and the fun of senior year.  The resume that Lynn helped him create was instrumental to his college application.  She offered assistance and provided numerous comments, over several weeks, on his personal and supplemental essays, truly ensuring they were the best they could be.  Lynn even met one last time with him to review his top two choices, providing insight, guidance, and things to think about, that even a parent or guidance counselor may not have considered.”

“Our goal was a stress-free process for the whole family, and that is exactly what Lynn delivered.  My son very much appreciated not having to run into his guidance counselor’s office on a regular basis asking question after question–Lynn knew it all–but had my son coordinate with his counselor as needed.  Although we have learned much about the college process along the way with Lynn, we are using her services again this year for our younger son and look forward to an equally successful result.”  Mom of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2016 – Merit scholar St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia

“Lynn turned what we thought would be a difficult and stressful college application process into an enjoyable experience! Working with Lynn proved to have many benefits… she eliminated the scary and overwhelming aspects and provided a systematic, approachable and a bonding family experience. Our daughter, Emma took ownership of the process and with Lynn’s knowledgeable guidance and instruction completed all of her applications by Thanksgiving. She often commented how grateful she was that she was able to work with Lynn! She enjoyed the experience and didn’t feel the stress that many of her friends complained about. We were able to explore many different target schools in a positive way without the stress of deadlines, essays and uncertainty. Without Lynn Pulito’s help it would have been a difficult and stressful process. Thanks again!” Parents of Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2016, Hofstra University – transferred to NYU 2017

“Lynn has taken so much pressure off in regards to the arguments (between my son and I) on when things had to be completed.  My son would feel bad if he missed a deadline that he and Lynn agreed to. Lynn brought to our attention some schools that we did not think were in range.  Just the organization and professional look of the student resume was huge -it helped organize thoughts when writing applications for scholarships.  It was also a great reference point when discussing the similarities and differences after they returned home.”  Parent Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2016, STEM Honors Program UConn, admitted to Wash U, UVA, UNC Chapel Hill

“Please just have people call me, I would love to talk to them about what you have done for us!”   Mother of Mercy High School Student Class of 2015, The College of the Holy Cross

“Our decision to use Lynn Pulito’s college planning services with our son Joseph could not have worked out better. Joseph quickly got organized and more motivated to pursue his college search under Lynn’s program, and as parents, we both felt less stressed and more informed about the whole college application and selection process. Lynn created an individual plan for Joseph that kept him on track and guided him throughout the process. Lynn’s style and approach were exceptional and we genuinely felt she was invested in our son’s best interest to succeed. To date, our son has had great success in his application and admission process and is in the final stages of making a decision among the group of schools that have accepted him. As parents who have gone through the college admission process for the second time, but the first time with the assistance of “The College Planner”, we would strongly endorse and recommend Lynn’s services to any family preparing for college admissions.”  Parents of Glastonbury High School (GHS) Senior Class of 2015, Quinnipiac U

“Working with Lynn Pulito this past year as we tackled the college application process for the first time with our son was such a pleasure. Lynn helped make a very daunting process more than manageable! Lynn streamlines the process from sourcing schools that are an appropriate fit for your student to sending out the applications and any follow up material that may be requested. Lynn works with your student, making them part of the process as opposed to doing it for them.  We found Lynn’s wealth of knowledge, organization and professionalism invaluable and highly recommend her services!”   Mother of Xavier High School Student Class of 2015, Dayton University and GHS High School Class of 2017, Providence College

“Mrs. Pulito supported me not only as a College Planner, but also as a second mom throughout the entire application process. She kept me on track for each deadline, helped me to organize the endless paperwork and put together a strong resume. She edited all of my essays and gave me great advice to keep me calm and motivated. The college process was made so much less stressful by working with Mrs. Pulito and I was confident with each application I submitted. Thank you, Mrs. Pulito!!”  Senior Class of 2015 Mercy High School, College of the Holy Cross

“Working with Mrs. Pulito made the dreadful task of applying to colleges stress free and possible. I didn’t even know where to start when I first opened the Common App and I am so thankful that I ended up finding your business because without your help I wouldn’t have been able to apply to colleges with success. Working with you has been one of the best decisions I have made during my high school career. Now that I am starting to hear back from colleges I frequently think that it all wouldn’t have been possible without your help.”  Senior, Class of 2015 Glastonbury HS, Fairfield U

“When my daughter and I first started working on the Common App we found ourselves constantly struggling. It got to the point where Paige would completely avoid anything college related because of the fear of not even knowing where to begin. However, once we signed up with Mrs. Pulito, Paige would come home from her weekly meetings and share all of the tasks that they accomplished together in a matter of an hour. For such a major step in my daughter’s future, I knew that Mrs. Pulito was the right person to have as help. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her!” Mom of Senior at Glastonbury HS Class of 2015, Fairfield U

“It was a real pleasure working with Lynn.  Just being able to take the process out of our hands and also removing the stress of the application process, gave us the assurance that everything would be done right and on time.  Also, including our daughter Julia in on everything was very helpful for her.  Having a second set of eyes work with her on her essay made Julia feel much more comfortable.  Lynn’s services were worth every penny and we were happy to do it and very happy with the process and the outcome.  Thank you! “ Father of Glastonbury HS Senior Class of 2015, UCONN Honors

“To sum Lynn Pulito up in one word… AMAZING!!! She made the entire college planning process stress free. I can only say that from our first meeting she took all the pressure off us as parents and off our son’s as well. She helped Johnny select his colleges, organize his applications, reviewed his essays, and submit all of his paperwork to each school. What I was expecting to be a stressful few months was anything but. Lynn is worth her weight in gold, and I would not hesitate to use her service again.”  Mom of Glastonbury HS Senior class 2014, UCONN

“My professional life is very busy and demanding and I was extremely stressed about the unknown college journey in front of our family… I started meeting with Lynn Pulito this summer and now I am not stressed any longer!  Lynn was able to clearly outline the process for me and show me the necessary steps.  She was also able to break down a large challenge into a series of smaller more manageable challenges and then show me the timeline for completion….  Lynn then helped my daughter create a college grid of colleges outlining where she would like to apply.  She helped my daughter define colleges for herself: just right, safety and reach, which really aided our family in formulating an application plan.  I heartily recommend working with Lynn to any family looking for a college planning tutor!” Mom of Glastonbury HS senior class of 2014, admitted to Vassar College, attending Simmons College 

“Lynn Pulito helped our son Michael immeasurably with his college application process during the summer/fall of 2013. Specifically, she taught Michael to focus and cut to the chase regarding what colleges are really looking for from an applicant.  Lynn was also instrumental in helping Michael organize not only his application, but his thought process in general – clearly something of paramount importance in this very time-consuming process. Michael applied for early admission to 10 schools; he has already been accepted from 1/2 of them!

My wife and I both feel strongly that Lynn was an invaluable resource to Michael’s success in the college application process and we would have been lost without her!  We have unequivocally recommended Lynn to our friends and have already requested her assistance for our other son (Daniel) who’ll be applying in 2 years.  Besides her obvious attention to detail and willingness not to take any shortcuts, we got to know Lynn as a caring, genuinely concerned individual.  We rate her with a AAA+ rating as a college planner and (more importantly) as a person!”   Parents Glastonbury HS Senior Class of 2014,  Penn State, University Park

“Working with Mrs. Pulito made what would have been a grueling college process, one that was truly stressed free. She helped me get an early jump on my college applications and put me ahead of most of my peers. Mrs. Pulito is an awesome person to work with because she really cares about the kids she is helping. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help and I would recommend her to any student seeking help in the college planning process.”  Senior GHS Class of 2014, UCONN Engineering

“The mock interview helped a ton! He asked almost all of the questions you had asked me! I received a packet today from UMASS Dartmouth accepting me to their psychology program in the fall of 2014. I actually got accepted!!! I just wanted to thank you for helping me so much with this process!! I appreciate all that you have done for me!” Senior Glastonbury HS Class of 2014, UMASS Dartmouth

“Mrs. Pulito was a tremendous help throughout my college search and application process, most notably through her assistance in creating a resume. She helped me create my resume around the particular aspects of my application that I wanted the colleges to notice. I wasn’t sure how exactly I wanted to portray myself, but Mrs. Pulito had a clear idea of which assets I should play up immediately upon viewing my credentials.  More importantly, she could envision how to do it.  She guided me through the process of writing the resume, telling me where to shorten explanations and where to expand. The final product looked professional and was simple for an admissions counselor to look over without it being a burden. Furthermore, Mrs. Pulito had a lot of insight on which colleges to apply to. She has done extensive research on many top schools…she offers thoughtful advice on which colleges seem to be a good fit for the individual, based on her knowledge of the student’s personality and the atmosphere of the school and student body.”   Student, Class of 2013 Glastonbury High School,  Tufts University

“Lynn helped my daughter focus on both sides of the equation–what did she have to offer each college and what did each have to offer her? Lynn wants each student she helps to get into the right school for him or her, not just get into a college.  Lynn helped my daughter organize her assets (grades, scores, activities) into a clear statement of who we wanted the colleges to see when they read her application.  Lynn takes in all the relevant information and discerns where the strengths are, and how to emphasize certain points such that even the weaker sections of the application are presented as positives.  She really helped reduce the stress my daughter felt about her choices about her future.”   Mom of 2013 Glastonbury HS Student Class of 2013, Tufts University

“I have known Lynn for over ten years.  She is very intelligent, hardworking and ethical.    Lynn also possesses a gift of being able to look at a situation, analyze it, and break it down into manageable and logical steps.  When my son began his college search, we felt overwhelmed by the amount of information available.  Lynn helped us to put it all into perspective.  We were able to put together a plan to help my son choose the best options for him to pursue to maximize his college search and find the college which best fit his skill set and personal goals.  Lynn was also very helpful in directing us to resources available to aid us in our search.”  Mom of 2013 Glastonbury HS Student, Notre Dame University