Direct & Check Package

This package includes a fixed number of meetings and services designed to provide direction setting for students and their family.  This option works well for students that are seeking direction setting more than one on one consulting.

Consolidation of Selection & Application Phases

  • SAT/ACT Prep recommendations
  • Refining College List (use Naviance & College Board)
  • Evaluation of standardized tests (SAT/ACT/Subject Test)
  • Refining College list using The Right School Graph
  • Determining potential college majors
  • Direction setting in determining the best academic teachers to ask for recommendations
  • Brainstorming college essay topics – assistance in editing draft Main College Essay
  • Direction setting with completion & submission of Common APP, Coalition App & College Specific Apps
  • Direction setting with submission of SAT, AP & ACT scores to colleges
  • Review/editing of College Essay & Supplemental Essays – ongoing coaching of drafts through final version
  • Direction setting for preparation for College Interviews
  • Assistance with student Resume Template
  • Direction setting for working with high school guidance department to coordinate sending of transcripts and recommendations
  • Direction setting with tracking applications after submission

The Decision Phase

  • Assist in the evaluation of college offers and finding the college that Fits Just Right!