Our Approach

We guide our students and their parents by navigating them through a customized college P.L.A.N. process so that each student is represented in the finest possible way, resulting in the best college options.


Prepare Yourself – Find Your Fits

The Student Profile Phase focuses on interviewing the student to identify their strengths, weaknesses, desires, personality traits and goals.  It also focuses on collecting and analyzing the student’s academic, athletic and social achievements.  During this stage we create a customized Student Profile, College Profile, and Initial College List for each student.

Learn Your Colleges– Refine What Fits

The Selection Phase focuses on refining the student’s college list by reviewing, evaluating and visiting colleges and determining which ones fit best.  It also focuses on the student refining their test scores, grades and activities to ensure they will be seen in the best light possible.

Articulate Your Strengths – Show Why You Fit

The Application Phase focuses on helping students to best represent and showcase themselves in all aspects of their application.  Transcripts, recommendations, essays, supplemental essays, resumes, video resumes (ZeeMee), interviews, athletic showcases and auditions are all ways to accomplish this.

Name The College – That Fits Just Right

The Decision Phase focuses on choosing the college that best fits the student. This is accomplished by revisiting and evaluating the colleges where the student has been accepted with consideration given to the college’s size, location, cost, philosophy, offerings and other tangible and non-tangible attributes.